Ravelry tidbit

I just came across a fun little ravelry tidbit.

If you use Safari, Firefox, Seamonkey there is a Ravel it! button, that you can drag to your toolbar, on the bottom right hand side of the patterns page.

Now, once you have the button in your toolbar it can be used in the following ways (and there may be more that I just don’t know about):

  1. You find a pattern on the web, click it and it will open in the ravelry site
  2. You come across someones blog and want to see if they are on ravelry, click it and it will take you to their profile page.

That is frickin’ awesome! Hope you all have as much fun with it as I have!

0 thoughts on “Ravelry tidbit

  1. Cori Dodds

    OK, so I knew about the pattern thing, but I has no idea that it would find people too! That is so completely cool! I added the button to my toolbar months ago so I could queue patterns, but now I can find people, too! Woot!


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