gone for a bit & now I am back

Sorry about that folks!

I had a blog issue that is now resolved & hopefully won’t happen again.

I have been knitting pretty steadily on my Venezia Pullover, I am now to where I divide the stitches for the steeking. Which means the body is only 6″ or so away from being finished! Then the sleeves need to be knit. They should be pretty quickly, they are 3/4 sleeves after all.

I finished a few Le Slouch hats, by Knit and Tonic, as in between projects.
This first one I used Lamb’s Pride worsted in Aubergine. I didn’t have a full ball so it’s not as slouchy as I would have liked but I did add a crocheted flower to give it a little something.

This second one I used leftovers from a blanket I made (it only has the edging left to do). Cotton Ease in lake blue, lime green, stone, taupe and charcoal.

It’s just the right amount of slouchy to hold all my hair on those bad hair days. Or windy days. Or rainy days.
I have a very distinct feeling that between the Tuva Slouch hat and this one I will be well covered ;o)

Last week Tracy and I went on a knitting machine bender and whipped out some early, early Christmas gifts. Sadie loved them so we let her choose the yarn for one of her own.

well, that is maybe not the best picture but as you can see, it’s a hooded scarf. I did an eyelet edging around the hood and the ends of the stockinette scarf. It rolls a bit but it’s not bad. She wore it for 3 days straight. As well as that sweater which Tracy made years ago and sat hidden in her house with all the ends haning out. I told her it was time for us to go through our older knit stuff and give what we could to the kids. Sadie ended up with all of it and was rather happy about it too.

The Hourglass sweater is now ready to have the sleeves joined so it looks like sleeves will be all I am working on for the next few days. At least they are fast on 11″ circs. I am pretty pleased with how that sweater is turning out. The Noro Cash Iroha yarn is fabulous to work with and knits up in a beautiful texture. I will get more pics taken of it soon.

Other than George burning his arm and face last week and spending 3 days in the hospital, not much else is going on around here.
Yes, George had a bit of an accident at work last Thursday. Long story short there was a gas explosion and George has first & second degree burns on his face, neck, left ear and his right hand and arm. We are so, so very lucky and blessed that it wasn’t any worse.

His forearm got the worst of it. They kept him until Saturday to do debriedment on the arm and make sure that with his diabetes he didn’t get an infection. I can’t believe how much a serious burn can take out of you. Yesterday by far was his worst day but today he’s feeling really good and back at work. It was good for him to sit in the hospital for 3 days with no tv, no entertainment. At first he was chomping at the bit to get out. Then he realized that he could take advantage of that time to re-think his stress levels. I am hoping that it was a truly changing time for him. Stress and anxiety really takeover with him and he has a difficult time realizing what’s worth the stress and what’s not. Running his own construction company doesn’t really help. All responsibility falls on his shoulders. They are broad shoulders but he can’t do it alone. Every once in a while he needs a reminder from God that he’s not doing this all by himself, that he’s being held up by Someone greater and stronger than he could ever be on his own. I like God. ;o)

So, more pictures to come of the sweaters in progress!


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