More finished stuff & a Start

I finished a pair of socks out of the Noro sock yarn. I am actually more pleased with the yarn than I expected to be. I have worn them a lot. Today I have them on with my new slippers that Tracy made me in trade for all the socks I make her. On that note, I started her Gingerbread Dude Silkie Socks that Rock socks on Christmas. I love that yarn. It’s just a simple ribbed anklet pattern.

I am making the Back to Basics sock pattern from Knitty with my Gingerbread Dude lightweight. It’s not my favorite pattern so I wont’ be making it again. I am not fond of the heel she chose and I find the sts fiddly, having to move them from needle to needle since I am making them on dpn’s instead of 2 circ’s. Someday I may try it again using magic loop.

I also finished the Chevron Scarf that I have had going since June. I finally took it out of the little sock project bag I had it in and realized it was plenty long! That was a nice surprise!

And, the Tuva slouch hat. All pics to come! I am going to post them individually to not eat up so much bandwidth ;o)

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