DROPS cardigan #3

I love this pattern. It’s the most ingenious, fast knit ever made. Plus, I have had more compliments on the 2 I have made already than any other sweater I have knit. Talk about gratifying!!

This one has yet to be washed/blocked so don’t mind the uneven reverse stockinette and puffy seams. I just had to get it posted!

I purchased the button from Knit & Pearl a while back for another project and decided not to use it. I love it with this sweater!

I found that I really like the double seed with the reverse stockinette. It is simple yet it keeps your attention. I have cast on for a fourth with even more changes to the pattern. More to come when it’s finished ;o)

I also, finally, finished my dad’s black dress socks. I started them in March for his bday in April and just couldn’t get them done in time. 13sts/inch on size 00’s was a real pain in my butt! But, I did finish them just in time for Christmas!

I only have 3 hats left to make. They will be either zeebee’s or my own single crochet beanie pattern. And they don’t get shipped out so I can put off doing them until after our Dland trip. Nice!

And, I just found out this morning that my brother and sister-in-law are having a baby boy! Now I can start the knitting!

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