Ravelry, the Blog Killer

If you have not joined Ravelry, or put your name on the waiting list, you must do it now. I have gone from posting almost daily to maybe once a week. Ravelry has taken over. And yes, it is for Crocheter’s too.

I still enjoy blogs. I like all the pretty pictures, the funny anecdotes about projects gone awry. But Ravelry has so much more. Friends and their stuff! Everyone’s stash & projects right at my fingertips for perusal. Little insights into past knits, future knits (way too many people have way too many projects in their queue’s, by the way) and current knits. Okay, and crochet’s. I promise there really are crocheter’s on there too.

I whole heartedly push you to join. Even if you aren’t an out of control fanatic like me there is more than you will ever need at your disposal.

I am waiting for something from UPS to arrive then tomorrow a real post with many, many pictures including knit goodies.

Oh, there is another new shop in town! What has happened & why don’t I have one yet??

It’s name is Loop & Leaf, located at:

 536 Brinkerhoff Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93101


I got the map from the site.

I have yet to actually go in the shop. Hopefully tomorrow evening before knit group. She’s open until 7pm, that is always a plus!

More once I visit.

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