Sahara finished

I finished the Sahara sweater on Saturday and am very pleased with how it turned out. I dropped it off at Knit & Pearl in SB so it’s there as an example for the class I’m teaching next month. Once I get it back I will try to get some pictures with it on. I love how the Cotton Fleece feels all fitted like this.

Julie did put it on for me, it’s just gorgeous on!

It is nice to have it finished. It’s going to be a very wearable sweater in our climate & I am so pleased with my bead choice!

Overall I would put this pattern at an intermediate/almost advanced pattern. It takes a lot of attention to detail even though it’s mostly stockinette there are still more advanced techniques like the shaping, the short row shaping, the provisional cast on at the back of the neck, the placing of beads, etc.


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