My services are temporarily unavailable

This is Tracy posting as Chauntel.  Chaun is having, well, major internet issues.  The tech service guy is *supposed* to come out Friday sometime to fix the issue.  So, for now, the internet, the email, and the home phone are disabled.  If you need to get ahold of her, call her on her cell, or call me! 

(Email me at if you need Chaun’s cellie)


One thought on “My services are temporarily unavailable

  1. Yuck! I had my share of complications recently, so I can relate. I hope you don’t have the service that starts with a “V.” Once you are hooked up, you are fine, but they are a major pain to deal with if there is a problem (half-hour on hold, can’t help me, transfer me to two different people, who also can’t help. A major patience trial!


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