Today is a good day, so far

Ellwood Mesa has the most amazing Monarch butterfly preserve. Just amazing.  There weren’t as many butterflies there this morning as in December or November (from what I have heard about this years migration from other visitors) but it was still amazing to see them all hanging there like clumps of dried up dead leaves.

And, it got my walking for the day done. I would guess at about a mile and a half total with all the circles we did trying to get good viewing of the butterflies.  So that puts my total at 3.9miles/100miles. I swear, I am going to do my best to accomplish that 100. (even if I have to start wearing a pedometer whenever I leave the house)

Knitting last night was fun, I was tired but it was fun. I got rid of a ton of yarn from my stash, thanks to all who took some! It helps my conscience a lot to know I may be contributing to someone elses stash instead of my own ;o) I didn’t get a chance to chat and hang with the other half of the group across the way from me so next week may call for a change in our seating arrangement, I will insert myself somewhere I don’t usually sit just to mix it up.

I havent’ really knit much at all in the last 2 days. Too busy with school, business stuff and general crap to be done. Not even any cleaning, which means my house is in complete disarray! And I haven’t done any more work on inventorying and cataloging my stash. That will come along soon just so I can be done with it.



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