Betsy not allowed

Betsy if you are here to read you may not do so today. Tomorrow, fine. Not today or the surprise for your shower tonight will be ruined!

Now onto regularly scheduled knitting programming.

I have finished a few projects but I am having a hard time getting one recipient to model the cardigan for me so that one will have to wait. But to appease those that need visual stimulation here are a few goodies.

I love Village Spinning & Weaving up in Solvang. Love that shop! They have the most amazing hand dyed sport weight superwash merino sock yarn, “Hot Foot”, in half pound hanks =  560 yards! Here is the size of the hank & the ball on my blocking board so you can see it’s over 6″ in diameter. Big sucka!

It will become knee high socks for my winter white legs. THen I should have enough left to make a pair of regular socks too. You get a lot of mileage out of those hanks! Well worth the $28.

I have been working on a secret project that I am now revealing & Betsy better not have scrolled down to see!

This is a baby blanket made using the Ballband washcloth pattern (expanded and vertial instead of horizontal, obvi) and Lion Brand Woolease Thick & Quick yarn. Wood and Grass colors. Finished size 30″x36″. I will post a pattern in the free pattern page soon. It was really simple to do.

I have other little projects I have been working on but not completed. I am now focusing solely on the Fan & Feather shawl to get the sucker finished! I only have 16 rows left to go. Granted, I am now at 1224+ stitches so it’s a challenge to sit & work on it for long lengths of time to get anything accomplished. I can’t wait for it to be done though. Whew! That will be an accomplishment.

I am rather tired this week from my mother-in-law’s memorial extravaganza over the weekend so I am kinda mellow & taking it easy. Yesterday Tyler turned 8 and we had a blow-out bowling party over at Zodo’s. Fun for all! I, of course, had the high score until the tenth frame when George got 2 strikes to beat me! Lame! It’s okay, I am still the geek with the bowling trophies.

I will miss knit group this week, it’s mens night out at a huge Montecito estate. They get exclusive entrance to one of the biggest wine cellars around. And real cuban cigars. And a private chef for dinner. Truly a mens’ night! But next week I will be there & happy to do so!

2 thoughts on “Betsy not allowed

  1. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Tyler – in case you didn’t get the text message I sent yesterday, or tried to send – before I misplaced the phone. (oops) Anyway…. Hope he had fun yesterday and I think eight is great – I liked being eight at least. Hope it’s a good year for him too.

    So you’re not coming to knitting this week?!



    I miss you.

    You’ll be there next Thursday though right?

    ~ Suzanne.


  2. Anonymous

    I love this baby blanket! I think it looks so great! I haven’t even tried the wash cloth, but it is on my project list! 🙂


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