Sorry, no pics

I have next to nothing finished to show you. No lovely pictures. Sorry. But I have been knitting. As a matter of fact I have been re-knitting. My picot top socks that rock socks were done. But when I put them on there was a major problem. The second sock gauge was totally off. I mean an inch difference at the picot hem top. The darn thing wouldn’t even stay on my leg. SO I am re-knitting it ripping from the toe of the finished second sock. It is interesting to knit while un-knitting something. The socks were so fast to make that I didn’t really hesitate to knit the second sock again.

I pulled out the Cycling Aran sweater for George and finished the back last night. I got most of it done at knit group (this week held at the Coffee Cat although a little crowded it was an awesome group last night!) and then finished it after getting home. I also cast on for the first sleeve but only got the first inch done. I would love, love love to get this one done this next week so my hubby can actually have a new sweater for the winter. I am also going to line the collar with some alpaca or cashmere to make it much more soft on the neck.

I also have some Top of the Lamb sport weight yarn in stone and charcoal to make George a ski sweater for this winter. I haven’t decided on a pattern/ fair isle chart yet but I will do that when I am ready to cast on.  That is, after I finish the Jefferson sweater. I am feeling the need for some cabling so that sweater is the perfect fix. Of course I considered casting on for something new in an aran pattern to alleviate the want for an aran fix but I should probably just finish something I have started, dontcha think?

I am really feeling the need for some knee socks. I have the yarn to make Meg Swansen’s socks out of the last vogue knitting

  SO gorgeous! Choosing colors is my only issue.
Maybe I will do a poll with my color choices. Nah, too lazy. So I will just tell you what I am thinking for color choices. Brown and petal pink. Charcoal grey and petal pink. Charcoal grey and light blue (that is the one I am really leaning towards). Those will be the next socks I cast on.
I really am happy with how great last night went at knitting, how chatty & happy everyone was. It was a great group! I am so thankful to have you all as friends & comrades. I just wish Tracy had been there, sigh, such is life. (chest thumping) Much love sistah! Hope your flight was just as happy for you ;o)

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  1. Anonymous

    That’s my first blog shoutout! 🙂 I am sorry I missed a great group but I will Definitely be there next week.
    Oh, and charcoal grey and light blue? Totally hot.


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