check, check, check

Tissue box, check

Pot of Tea, check

Good book, check

No kids, check

Meds on board, check

Warm comfy clothes, check

New homespun blanket to cuddle up in chair with, check

Huge basket filled with cones & balls of cotton to knit dishcloths to my hearts content, check

The most comfortable bed in the world to sleep in, check

Now if you will excuse me, I have some sick sinus’ that need taking care of.

And why do they think we want our cold medicine capsules to have “cool burst”. I don’t want to know it’s dissolving down there, I just want to feel better! Not burp up cool burst. Those are some wierd chemists coming up with our meds nowadays.

Oh & Tracy loves, loves, loves her Alien Baby socks. I should beg her to post pics of them on her feet so you all can see how great they are when they actually fit!

3 thoughts on “check, check, check

  1. Anonymous

    I even put the socks on and wore them last night! Oh. And take a picture. Right. I need to get on that… 🙂 What I should do is take a picture and show everyone how many socks you have made me!! Cause you are my bff. 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    Great socks – and I hope you feel better. The Cool Burst comment made me laugh! Also, I like the Stop Bandwidth theft info on your blog. I clicked on it, read it, and will add it to my blog as well – so thank you for that!


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