Soooo, here’s what I am thinkin’

I have a lot of yarn. A lot of yarn. Said yarn would like to be knit into things instead of gathering dust. I am on a finishing spurt. The leftover homespun blanket I started ages ago, found here, is just about complete.

 A few ends to weave in, blocking & that is it! It’s pretty big so I will get a picture of it while it’s blocking on my bed to post. I have made a few discloths to keep my mind occupied, simple & cute.

Oh & I do beleive I am sick! I know… I don’t get sick. I am going from thinking it is a bad case of my always present allergies to the belief that now that it is all 3 kids & myself with the same sinus, sneezing, morning coughing symptoms (um..I lost my thought…riiiiiight….) of a cold. That’s it. A cold. As the morning progresses I am feeling ever more yucky. It is nice that I can actually lay down if I need to. That is not something I have done since Sadie was a baby & only child. Not sure I can bring myself to do it though. I don’t just go lay down & rest, that is wasting knitting time or at the very least reading time if I feel too yucky to knit.

With no fevers I sent all the kids off to school with some meds on board for the runny noses. If they aren’t contagious then why keep them home?

I am hoping I am not sick so that I can actually go to knitting tomorrow night. I missed last week, it sounded like it was the best week we have had in ages! Is that saying something that it was that good & I wasn’t there?? :o) 



4 thoughts on “Soooo, here’s what I am thinkin’

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Chauntel, I hope you feel better soon! Take it easy! Emi woke up this morning with no voice and I told her she could not be sick because it was only my second day of work! And I was so sorry to hear about your mother in law. I pray peace over George and all of you. Laura


  2. Anonymous

    Hey you – I hope you feel better!!!

    Knitting was pretty great last week – asside from the fact that that you weren’t there, of course.

    The turn out was good.

    We had two going away – Sarah and Erin – but two new visitors to our group that I hope will continue to come: Tess from Chaucers knits and so Summers convinced her to join us, also, a spinner from the spinning group I keep hearing about came. I forgot her name already but she had this lovely multi-colored handpainted Polish spinning wheel that she went to town on.

    Jayme also brought her wheel and spun at the group.

    Summers brought her wheel to show us – but endded up knitting the whole time (I think she may have forgotten fiber.)

    Tracy, Suzy, and Kristen filled me in on premise behind Project Runway – which was a lot easier to follow then some of their technical discussions about camera equipment – although there was a little of that mixed in. I love that they are so immerced in photography, I love their passion, and their enthusiasim, but sometimes, okay, a lot of times, I have no idea what they are talking about – other than the fact that, somehow, it’s photography related.

    Tracy was there and I’ve missed her, so that was one of the best things about last Thursday.

    I’m hoping she’s coming tonight but I forgot to ask.

    I’m sicky too. What I have can’t be passed on to others but I may just want to pass out after work. Rght now I’m planning on going but we’ll see.

    Take care you.


  3. Anonymous

    I still can’t believe you are sick. And it really sucks! I am sorry… 😦 One happy thing? you have a rad new blanket to use! 🙂


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