I was so sure that I would be bored once all 3 kids were in school & I had the house all to myself. What was I Thinking???? I have never had a ‘social schedule’ but let me tell you something! This week there was a schedule that had to be followed. I can’t wait for next week when I only have one morning with solid, set plans. Between school mornings, home improvement projects that I have put off for years, shopping for neccessities that come with the start of the new school year, delivery of finished knit items, serious maternity clothes shopping with Suzanne, lunch with Tracy & Laura, visiting/getting a sneak peek of Knit & Pearl (new knit store opening in Institches old space now owned by Julie who used to attend our Java Station group, you know you are all so jealous!!), there is so much more that I have done in the last 4 days I can’t even remember it all. Where my days went I really don’t know. That is not how next week will go. I will clean, garden, knit, do laundry & scour to my hearts content. ~snort~ we’ll see about that

I worked the Lime & Violet sock leg with the sl2k1psso instead of the k3tog and decided the k3tog is the better decrease. I didn’t want to admit it only because the k3tog is a tad more difficult to execute but in the end I admit, it looks better for the sock pattern. SO it stays in the pattern. GOOD! Overall, no mistakes that I found. I liked the depth of the heel flap, the arrangement of the sts on the needle was not my normal arrangement but it worked with the stitch pattern used so I got over that pretty quickly. Overall, I say it’s a WINNER! Yay! Once I get the second sock totally finished I will get a photo posted with a link to their site with the free pattern.

I got my SOCKS THAT ROCK yarn yesterday & while I watched my nightly X-Files I cast on for a picot hemmed top, stockinette sock. I do LOVE the yarn and will now happily admit that I am following the knit blog crowd in coveting this yarn in all its’ sinfulness. It is sinful yarn, I don’t care what anyone says, it’s perfect & that is not natural.


Here is the inside seam of the picot turned hem. It’s a simple, albeit time consuming, top for a sock that I do like so much. This sock is all about showing off the yarn. Look at the beautiful green striping!

It is now up there with Crack yarn & if you don’t know what that is, well, you need to find yourself some Malabrigo merino worsted weight yarn somewhere & prepare yourself for some serious addiction.

I have to put a big plug in here for Julie, the newest owner of a LYS in Santa Barbara Knit & Pearl. Located at 5 East Figueroa in the same location as the now closed InStitches. Julie’s stock is MUCH better. All the way around. The brands & quantities of yarns she has in those boxes ready to be displayed made Tracy & I just about fall all over our-previous-retail-manager-selves! I could have been elbow (or more likely shoulder) deep in yarn in a heartbeat had she just said yes. All that fiber. All that color. All that potential! I am saying right now that I will now be a LYS shopper. If she has the yarn I need I will purchase from her. I won’t do the usual thing & hunt online for the best deal because our 2 yarn stores aren’t worth my time. No, there is a new change a-coming & it is called KNIT & PEARL. Listen up girlies. We need to have ourselves a good yarn store here in town & this is our chance! More details to come on when the doors will open. Julie will let us know a couple of days ahead & then we all shall descend upon her fantastic store, like ravenous fiber-starved-knitters that we are!




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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Chauntel, I had fun at lunch today too. I also love that Socks that Rock yarn. It is heavenly! I have been tooling around on my blog and got my sidebar up. Now I just want to learn how to get those cute rectangular buttons up and also those WIP percentage bars. Let’s get together again soon! Laura


  2. Anonymous

    I totally play on buying STR one of these days. Those colors are beautiful! Very nice picot edge.

    It’s super busy around here, too, but it’s mainly involving an overload of obligations for me. I was so not ready to start this semester, as if three summers of sitting on the couch weren’t long enough!! (I had taken five lit courses last semester, and I’m still burnt out from them)


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