In real knitting news….

I switched the Feather & fan, fan & Feather whatever shawl from my 24″ plastic needles to my new Knitpicks 32″ needles. I do have to say that I am more than impressed with them. The needle tips themselves feel the same as addi’s but with more sharp points. The join, the join is seamless. When Tracy told me that I wasn’t sure I really believed. Now I believe! The shawl will be worked on much more frequently now. I am up to 1224 stitches. Whew!

I will be working on that  and the Lime & Violet second sock. I have conversed with Lime about a few small changes I am going to try on the second sock. Swapping the k3tog with a sl2k1psso. That will help with the quickness of the decreases. I am going to suggest slipping the 2 stitches separately as if to knit instead of slipping them together as if to knit them together, make sense? That way you won’t get a raised column of straight stitches like on the Jaywalker socks, but a more subtle leaning decrease.

Suzanne is deserving of a huge congratulations on the baby news!!

My apologies to all of you at last Thursdays Java Station knit group. I didn’t mean to mislead anyone about why Suzanne had to leave & go home but she hadn’t even told Oliver or her mom she was pregnant yet so I couldn’t let the cat out of the bag until she did first! She really was feeling ill from the shock of it all so I only fibbed a little.

I won’t be able to make it tomorrow night, it’s Man’s Night Out. I wish I had more babysitters to pull from but I don’t so I have to miss it. I was really looking forward to it too!

OH!! Summers took me to the spinning guild meeting on Monday evening. I had SO much fun! All of the women were older, closer to my mom’s age & it was just a happy group! I don’t care if our politics are different, if we don’t expose ourselves to others thoughts & opinions we won’t ever fully develop our own. I am rather excited for the next time I get to go. Thanks Summers for making it so easy for me to come along! I am not sure how George will really feel about me having another group to go to, I think he’s rather surprised at my socialization lately. So out of character for me.

DUH! How could I possibly forget??? Tawny’s Miramar legwarmers are DONE!

They still need a good blocking but other than that they are Finito. I do love this yarn. Knitpicks Andean Treasure. I am making myself a pair of legwarmers using brown & pink but I am not sure which pattern I want to use. I am tempted to make these same ones but that is a little too matchymatchy for me. Tawny, Tracy & I all having them? um…no. So i will scour fun fair isle charts & come up with the perfect one!

Ah crap. It’s already after noon & I have stuff that has to be done before getting Trevor from school. I so thought I would be bored & feel wrong about being home with no kids all day but boy was I mistaken! I feel like I have more to do. I have run errands for George & work. I have done more shopping in the past 2 days than I think is healthy. Although it was all needed shopping, not really fun shopping. I just want to get my backyard totally cleaned & weeded. Hah! that will take more than 4 hours in the morning!