Saturday dyeing

I love,love,love how this one turned out! Jacquard Pink & Brown acid dyes on Knitpicks Fingering weight dye your own yarn.


5 thoughts on “Saturday dyeing

  1. Anonymous


    Here is what I did for this hank of yarn. I do things differently every time, I go on a whim. This time I soaked my yarn first in water and let it sit aside. Next, I put 2tsp of Jacquard acid dyes pink & brown into separate bowls. Then I poured boiling water over the dye & mixed it up a bit to make sure it was thoroughly dissolved. Then I put half the hank of yarn into one bowl & half into the other bowl. Mushed it a little bit to make sure all the yarn was totally covered by the dye water. Then I covered both bowls with plastic wrap to let it sit until it was cool. About an hour. By then the dye had struck & both bowls of water were clear. Voila! Rinse & dry!


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