I hate busy weekends

Especially when nothing gets accomplished! I spent most of Saturday out in the yard, that was fun but it didn’t leave much time (or concentration) for knitting. A dishcloth is all that I got done this weekend. I had such grand plans for finishing the mystery stole but when it came down to it I just couldn’t read a chart. Too tired.

Now, today we spent all morning at the doctors office trying to get all caught up on immunizations (one of which they ran out of & we have to go back in 2 days) and physicals for school. I hate shots, hate consoling the kids before & after. Hate it! I know how bad they hurt & would just prefer to not have them done but if I want my kids to have an education they must have shots. Well, I could skip the shots & home school but that is um…how do I say it….unacceptable! I am not one of those perfect moms.

My house is completely & utterly trashed. I am not sure it has ever been so disorganized & dirty. I keep telling myself that there is only one more week to survive & then I will have an empty house to clean without the tornado of children behind me. Then there are the usual stresses of life & family dynamics & sickness & impending doom. Okay, not the impending doom. That part just feels like it’s there sometimes but really, it’s not.

Oh. And the water heater broke so we’ve had no hot water since Friday. FRIDAY! I took cold showers. COLD! Even when it is hot outside you can’t handle frigid cold water on your nether regions! Luckily the dishwasher has a heating coil built in so the dishes got done but no laundry. No laundry for 3 days= major issues in this house! I do laundry daily. Pretty much all day every day. Sheets, towels, blankets, clothes, more clothes, work clothes, play clothes. sigh. lots of clothes. clothes for 5, all the time. And now since we’ve been sponge bathing we are out of washcloths. I suppose I can just knit us up some if the guy doesn’t get here tomorrow morning as promised to fix it.

I realize that it is not often that I post non-knitting posts on this blog but today I just didn’t feel like putting it anywhere else.

On happier news, I am loving yarn! I have been knitting from my stash mostly the past 6 months or so & I am rather proud of that fact. It has led to many a rearranging days. I can happily say that I have used/gotten rid of/sold about 1/4 of my stash in the last 6 months. If any of you have seen my garage/office/storage shed then you know what a big deal that is! If you have only seen what I have brought to knitting nights to get rid of you have a little clue. And if you have done neither of the above, I can honestly say that I have never seen a bigger stash with my own eyes. Feel free to correct me if you think you have a bigger stash than mine. It’s not pride talking here, merely astonishment. I had one solid year where I did not knit anything using yarn I had on hand. I bought it all. And I bought in bulk! Cone after cone! If it was in hanks/balls/skeins I bought enough to make a large sweater (even though I am a size sml/med, I wanted to have enough on hand to knit for other people that may be bigger. I thought I was being so economical). Mind you, this was before the Knitters Review did an article on www.handpaintedyarn.com ‘s (now known as Malabrigo) (also known as crack) merino worsted weight yarn. At one point I had over 60 hanks of it just waiting to be knit. I am now down to a measly 12 hanks. So sad! And their bulky wool. Lest we shall forget about that! och. And the 6 ply merino, yeeeeeeeaaaahhhh….. I will not put direct links because then you all will buy it & they will run out yet again! Damn them (and knitters review)!




One thought on “I hate busy weekends

  1. Anonymous

    I still wig out whenever I need to get a shot. Since I got a bunch of raw wool recently, I got the tetanus shot. Ouch.

    Boo to broken hot water heaters and YAY to de-stashing! I seriously need to cut down on my spinning fiber stash. I have a bunch of stuff that I ordered when I was a new spinner but probably won’t touch at this point since it was commercially dyed and I’ve been on a variegated fiber kick for well over a year now. I can’t even fathom what your stash was up to, based on the size your Malabrigo collection used to me. My knitting stash consists of pretty much what you sent me (Hooray!!) and yarn that I’ve spun.


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