Ab Fab done!

I finished the ab fab throw yesterday & it’s gorgeous! You will just have to imagine what it looks like since there is no camera to take pictures with. I really enjoyed working with all the different colinette yarns in the throw. I had my favorites & the not so favorites. Colinette mohair is the hairiest mohair I have ever knit with, bar none! There were chunks of hair flying off that thing! Gorgeous silky hand though so it was kinda worth the allergy issues.

Since I chose not to do the fringe I have quite a bit of yarn left over. Enough to do a fun lacy shawl with the mohair yarns (there are 3 colors) and a scarf or hat & gloves with the rest in a striped pattern. Oh,oH! What about some striped, chevron legwarmers, huh, huh??? Now that speaks to me!


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