I’ve had it…

..there are too many projects floating around this place that need to be finished. So this weekend while George is up at his sisters house, doing some work on a new property they are going to flip, I am going to work on finishing the projects that are just a few hours away from being complete. First & foremost the Colinette AbFab Throw that I started about 3 years ago, got 75% of the way done, had my mom tell me that she didn’t want any more blankets so it got put away. I pull it out every 6 months or so but since it has no intended recipient I had no desire to finish it. At midnight last night I pulled it out after organizing and decided it was time for it to be done! I have 8 rows & it will be finished! Screw the fringe, I just don’t care about dangly  yarn things on the end of my blankets that get all tangled between my toes.

There are 2 sweaters for George, the Cycling sweater from Hello Yarns free patterns, it only needs the back finished, then the zipper sewn in & the collar done.

And the Jefferson from Rowan. He needs the sleeves(which are about 1/3 of the way complete) & sewing together.


I just got really tired of them when I was working on them before so I put them away. Now that I am feeling bad about too many UFO’s I thought I would go ahead and get some of them out of the way so I can continue on with my new projects unhindered.

I added on 4 more stitches to the manresa legwarmers to get the extra stretch needed for the calf and I am almost to row 28 where I will decrease them away to continue on with the number of stitches the pattern called for. I am loving the andean yarn from knitpicks. And the fair isle pattern Delia chose for them is perfect!

My plan is to make legwarmers for myself using the intarsia wave pattern from the hat Swell in the latest knitty and andean treasure. The main color is Woods See larger image & Learn More and the wave at the bottom of the leg will be in Wild Rose

See larger image & Learn More

I love them! And since the intarsia will be at the bottom of the leg instead of all over I won’t have to worry about the stretch in the calf. I will use one size smaller needle than what is being used on the manresa just for a little tighter knit. The yarn itself has a lot of stretch in it, it’s so scrumptious! But I will not cast on for them until I have finished at least one more project!

I also brought the lamb’s pride fair isle sweater in the house to work on. It’s boring stockinette stitch around & around & around so it’s good late night knitting. Can’t really mess it up.

I counted & I have 6 projects going right now that are charts I have to follow. That is insane! So until I get myself under control with getting some of the simpler UFO’s out of the way I will only work on one of the charted projects, the manresa legwarmers.

I am going to go do those last 8 rows on the abfab throw then maybe do some photos!