Bad bad Sunday

The morning started out with a sick girl & ended with a boy trip to the ER.

First, Sadie woke up with all over body aches and generally not feeling good. How we really knew she didn’t feel well was that she wasn’t talking. An 8 year old girl that doesn’t ever stop talking, stops talking & there is need to worry. So we stayed home from church to rest up.

Later in the day Tyler was outside in the backyard swinging from a tree branch, one of the giant bird of paradise limbs that he has swung from hundreds if not thousands of times, slipped off & landed on his wrist. After half an hour of serious crying we decided  a trip to the ER was in order. It was George’s turn to go this time, I took Trevor last time. We take turns like that.

After 2 hours & 3 x-rays later they came home cast & all. Not the traditional plaster cast, it’s some new-fangled cast that is wrapped in a bandage. Semi-hard cast or something like that.

He was just a tad loopy from the pain meds they gave him.

You can see the break in the ulna (bone on the left) about an inch down from the wrist. It looks like someone just bent it, it’s not a full on break. It will heal in the next 3-6 weeks depending on how good he is with it. Swinging from trees is not recommended. Sucks for him, that is how he spends most of his day, swinging from that tree. I suppose his number was up. Now to find other things he can do outside, that will be a tough one for him. Creativity is the key I suppose. So that was Sunday.

I did decide that I needed a bit of a break from the shawl & socks so using some yarn I got from Thuy on Thursday night I started a beach bag. Crocheted using a K hook. Big hook, my hands will be sore from this one! I am just hoping I have enough yarn to do what I want to do. I crocheted the handle first & now I am just going to crochet a large rectangle that will be folded in half & sewn along the bottom & one side to make the bag. Simple enough! The crochet rows will go vertically instead of the traditional horizontally. I don’t think that is the best description but I will post more pictures to make it more clear.