APAD #162 the story of the beast in my attic

Today’s apad comes with a story. Ahem…

Once upon a time there was a mom that was oh so tired, all she wanted to do was go to sleep. She lay in her bed with X-Files playing soothingly in the background thinking of knitting projects, not getting enough sleep and then, “What’s that noise?”

The mom is wide awake now! There is thudding, footsteps that are much much too loud for a mouse (whom she exterminated well over a month ago). She lay there a little scared at first wondering if it is a person on her roof. No, it’s not loud enough to be that. Huh, I wonder….those damn racoons!!! That noise can’t be coming from the subarea (where they house their family, thankyouverymuch). In the attic? Now she is thoroughly intrigued. She wanders the house listening. Only in her room does she hear the loud rustling, thudding noises. Finally when she realizes there is nothing she can do about it, and it’s after midnight when she swore she would be asleep before 11, she falls sound asleep.

Like most mothers, the slightest sound wakes her about an hour later. Digging! Lots of digging and wood scratching. Woah, it’s trying to get out of the attic! Through the roof no less! Furious scratching and ripping at the roof. Then silence. “Is it dead? Should I go get the maglite & beat whatever it was? Eh, wait until the morning. Now I can sleep in peace!”