APAD #125


Knitting olympics

This has been a topic I have mulled over many a time in the last week. Do I do it? Do I not do it? Can I really work on one project for that long without giving in to other knit temptations? I have the perfect project for it. Brocade from Rowan, I started it the day after I got it in the mail & got about 4″ done, then put it down to work on christmas gifts and I haven’t picked it up since. It would defenitely be a challenge during the olympics but I want to actually watch the olympics, not stare at a chart on a magnet board for hours on end each day. That might actually call for wearing reading glasses, again!So I have a decision to make, keep on with what I have planned or put it all away where I can’t see it to work only on the Brocade. Hmmmm….that is one tough decision! I do want that sweater to wear & this winter would be nice so that is a pro. The only cons are reading the chart and working on one lonely project.

On other topics, I didn’t get much knitting done because I picked up a book that Mary loaned me, ‘These is my Words’ and didn’t put it down until I finished it last night! Great book, I laughed, cried and George kept asking me ‘Why are you smiling so much over there?’ The main character, Sarah Prine, was absolutely my kind of woman! Strong, smart (without a college education), loved books and made her way in the 1880’s with nothing but her bare hands & the love of her family! If there were one time that I could transport myself to it would be the 1800’s, settling the west. It’s not a fantasy either, I see it for what it was, the hard work, the danger, the sacrifice. I love it. Plain and simple!

Now back inside to try to finish the rug for Sadie’s room. The rounds are over 400 sts. I want to end at around 700 sts I think. Every 4th row I increase 16 sts so that leaves me about 75 more rows. We’ll see when I get up to 600 sts just how big the diameter of the thing truly is and decide how much further to go. I added a band of black and dark pink fair isle. Just the simple little 3 row fleur de lis to add a bit of interest. I am now back to the solid pink for the rest of the rounds. I will do a fun bind off of some kind. Maybe a bobble bind off. Can’t think of the name of it but I used it on the collar of the Drop Stith cardigan out of the fall 2005 interweave knits. Very subtle but there is interest in it, like a rug binding should have!