New Yahoo group

 I started a new Yahoo group, Santa Barbara Knitters,  since the santa barbara stitch n’ bitch group is no longer available. Please spread the word, we’ll use it just like we used the old one to keep in touch & find new members.

Here is the html code for the group. I will have it on the side bar also.

<a href=””&gt;
<img src=”” border=”0&#8243;
  alt=”Click here to join santabarbaraknitters”><br>Click to join santabarbaraknitters</a>

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self portrait tuesday with explanation

This months spt topic is described below

February Challenge “all of me”

“all of me” embrace your mistakes, love the ugly bits.
I want this to be a challenging month – we have had it easy over christmas and the holidays but now it is time to look deep inside ourselves and embrace and face our whole selves. I don’t want to see any perfect images, any pretty studio like images, no perfect hair or makeup, get rid of the masks you use to face the world.
I was inspired for this challenge by reading a recent Keri Smith post.

“For my whole life I have had difficulty looking at photos of myself. It was as if that person could never be enough for me, I did not want to see any of my flaws (or the things I percieved as imperfect).”

“How to love that image flaws and all. Yeah it looks like I have a double chin and a huge nose, and I don’t know why I ever thought that skirt looked good on me. fuck it. that is all of me. Yes I can love me when the situation is favourable and flattering, and everything is just so, but can I love me when things are messy?” Keri Smith from Wish jar journal
Technical tips:

  • use old photos of yourself that you hate but could never throw away – that dreadful high school photo with braces and a bad perm and horrible acne.
  • take new photos – showing those bits you always try to hide – the hairy nostrels, the stretch marks, the cracked feet, the greasy hair, the saggy bits.
  • take photos of yourself on a bad day, don’t smile, be in a mad mood, look grim, look angry, look sad, cry and be fragile – embrace your emotions as part of your self.
  • set up something if you like – sit in a pile of dirty laundry, be surrounded by clutter and mess, show the stains on the walls and the crumpled sheets – don’t clean up.
  • dress up in your worst outfit – that too tight, lime green midriff top that you bought in a rash moment hoping to lose weight, those old, cut off faded jeans with a hole in the arse and showing too much celulite covered thigh that you always wear when cleaning the house.
  • be free to show the dark side, the ugly side, the raw and dirty and clumsy side, the grim the grimy and saggy side.
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