I just felt the need to be heard for a moment. Not much on the knitting front today. Got about 8 rows done on a circular poncho I am doing. It’s up to about 216 sts now. Increasing 4 sts every other row. I will post a pic after it gets mailed to its future owner. Don’t want to spoil the surprise!

So other than that I only have 2 baby hats done for the shower tomorrow night. Just not motivated to do much else. So they will get the hats & hope they are happy with them. I may get them a little smell-good stuff to pamper themselves after the babies come screaming out of them & they are thinking ” what have I done??” ~ Can you tell that today was a hard day with my screaming hooligans~

I ordered some scrumptious yarn to soothe the raw nerves…koigu, noro, cashmere, summer grab bag, winter grab bag. I hope it arrives in a timely manner because I am just tired of waiting over a month for yarn!! Not happy, 3 orders still have not come that I am waiting for. Another 2 orders are coming from Canada & I won’t see them for at least 2-4 more weeks! AAAHHH!!! Too bad my LYS just doesn’t have what & want or am willing to pay.  In one of the knits for home books, can’t remember the name of it just now, there is a ruched blanket….oh lordy….I must make it & I have some silk yarn coming just for it. That is the canada orders….I don’t know how I will be patient for that one. I think I will force myself to finish a few of my outstanding projects before I dive into the blanket.

List of current projects:

~George’s sweater- 1.5 sleeves left, then sewing

~Sadie’s handpainted yarn sweater-1.5 sleeves left then sewing

~Sadie’s labrador sweater-only needs sewing

~Argyle pinks sweater-1/3 of back done is all

~Stripey sweater- broke a bamboo #2 needle so things came to grinding halt until I replaced it. Back is complete, 1/4 of an arm is done.

~Ribbed neck poncho- 14″ done, needs to go down to at least 23″ or more.

~Few hats here & there. Nothing important or rushed.

I am sure I could dig & find about a dozen more projects that I have put aside…oh that reminded me.

~Colinette ab fab throw- 1/3 done

~Vogue cross neck tank- finished back, frogged back, now just cast on ribbing for back. This may be a springtime project.

Um….thats all for now. I do actually complete projects…just not the ones that I put down for months at a time. My goal is to finish the poncho, the stripey sweater & George’s sweater before I start on the ruched blanket. High hopes but I think I can muster the strength.

Whew! Wish me luck, not that that has anything to do with anything…ciao!

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