So not in the mood…

to clean the house (already done with much jaw clenching & swearing under my breath), to hang out with the kids (Home on the Range is getting really old, really fast), to cook dinner (but I feel horrible for making my awesome hubby do it), to blog about much and last but not least, I am not in the mood to tackle some stupid project that I have started & never finished!

So there you have it, just an overall grumpy ogre attitude this evening. I want to do something fun but won’t force my husband to watch the kids for a 3rd night in the past week. THey are his kids too, you are right. But would I like to be abandoned at bedtime 3 nights out of the week so he could go have fun?? NO!! No, that would not make me happy at all

Therefore, I think I will go change into some comfortable clothes, turn on the boob-tube, pick one of my thousands of knitting projects & just go comatose on my chair. Sucks, but that is the way it goes sometimes!